Former prisoners of war meet to review revolutionary tradition
Thứ ba, 24/03/2015, 04:40 SA
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State President Truong Tan Sang attended a gathering of the Vietnam Liaison Committee for Former Prisoners of War and representatives from its provincial counterparts in Ho Chi Minh City on February 22.

The function, held at the War Remnants Museum, was designed to highlight the unyielding spirit of former prisoners against invaders.

President Truong Tan Sang, who was jailed himself in the Phu Quoc Prison during the American War in Vietnam, said he hopes former prisoners will educate their descendants on the revolutionary cause and give their honest opinions on the Party and national building.

He emphasised that national sovereignty is sacred and asked former prisoners and the nation to put their trust in the Party and State’s related guidelines and policies.

He also assured them that the Party has worked to enact favourable policies designed to acknowledge the contributions of former prisoners.

The same day, another gathering was organised in the southern city to review the revolutionary tradition of the An Phu Dong War Zone, the central location for many Vietnamese agencies and military forces during the 30 years of fighting French colonists and American imperialists.



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