Foreign investment capital in HCMC increases by 46,5%
Thứ sáu, 16/10/2015, 08:35 SA
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(HCM CITYWEB)- In the first 8 months of 2015, HCMC has attracted a total investment capital (newly registered and adjusted) of US$ 2, 8 billion, 2, 3 times the level registered in the same period.

Specifically, till August 28, HCMC has newly licensed 353 foreign invested projects with a total investment capital of US$ 2.32 billion, up 46, 5% in projects and 2, 2 times in capital. 105 projects had their registered capital adjusted with a total investment capital of 466.5 million USD, up 39, 5% in projects and 3, 1 times in adjusted capital.

For domestic investment, till August 20, 20,206 enterprises are newly licensed with a total registered capital of VND 128,599.4 billion, up 31, 8% in projects and 45, 6% in registered capital. 28,212 enterprises are registered for changing content of business registration, of which adjusted charter capital increased by VND 84,002.8 billion, up 4, 5% in projects and equal to capital. In total, registered and adjusted capital reached VND 212,602.2 billion, up 22, 9% compared to the same period.

Till August 20, 1,596 enterprises have completed their dissolved procedures at HCMC Department of Planning and Investment, equivalent to 7, 9% of newly established enterprises, down 6, 3% compared to the same period. In the first 7 months, 9,582 enterprises stopped their operation at Tax Department, 3,744 reactivated. Total registered enterprises (excluded dissolved enterprises) are 252,116 enterprises.



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