First cuisine center opens in HCMC
Chủ nhật, 22/10/2017, 06:50 SA
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The Vietnam Tourism Association and its subdivision in Ho Chi Minh City opened a cuisine center in 18 Truong Dinh Street in District 3 yesterday.

The center focuses on organizing seminar on food and specific dishes of each province with the aim to introduce and promote Vietnamese cuisine and image to tourists.

Additionally, the center, the first of its kinds in the country, will study nutrition content in each dish as per motto “delicious and healthy” and boost Vietnamese gastronomy and nutritious dishes.

Famous chefs including Ms. Bui Thi Suong, nutritionist Bui Thi Minh Thuy, chef Nguyen Le Cuong and chef Cam Thien Long attended the opening of the center.

Currently, the center is serving special pho and bread which have attracted many visitors.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, deputy head of the Vietnam Tourism Association Vu The Binh stressed Vietnamese culinary art goes along with the country’s development.

Fifty-four race groups in Vietnam will contribute more to the country’s cuisine which should be considered as our culture; accordingly, culinary art should be preserved.



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