Fighting against counterfeit and poor quality goods
Thứ ba, 16/02/2016, 10:15 SA
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According to HCMC Market Management Department, in 2015, it has strengthened market inspection and surveillance activities, struggling against smuggling, commercial fraud and counterfeit products, inspecting 03 kinds of products including cosmetics, functional foods and pharmaceuticals, fighting against cigarette smuggling, strengthening inspection on foods, chemicals and other consumer products.

In addition, the department has directed market surveillance teams to join interdisciplinary missions of HCMC and districts, to jointly inspect activities of poultry and livestock disease prevention, food hygiene and safety, price management, cultural – social activities, quality of goods, petroleum, gas, chemical. Specifically, a total of 16,044 violations were found, down 14, 37% as compared to 2014. 5,639 cases were paid administrative penalties of over VND 95, 5 billion including fines and tax arrears, up 7, 55% compared to 2014. The values of goods destroyed reached VND 29 billion; goods waiting for sale are VND 56, 6 billion. Other 177 cases are waiting for administrative penalties with an expected value of VND 6, 9 billion. In 2015, HCMC Market Management Department has transferred 28 cases of cigarette smuggling, counterfeit products, etc.  to investigation agencies valued at VND 9, 5 billion.

In term of interdisciplinary coordination, HCMC Market Management Department has coordinated with interdisciplinary agencies of HCMC and district to check 9, 637 cases, those including 4,950 cases of violations in fields of food safety, culture, society, petroleum, gas, pharmaceutical, down 16,8% compared to 2014.

Regarding to implementation orientations in 2016, HCMC Market Management Department will continue to battle against struggling and trade fraudulence, strengthen information exchange and coordination with market management agencies of provinces near the border to fight against counterfeits, commercial fraud, especially cigarette smuggling, battle on poultry and livestock disease prevention and control, inspect and treat violations of food hygiene and safety, strengthen post-inspection activities of price, goods quality, petroleum, etc.



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