Festival encourages English learning in HCM City
Thứ năm, 26/04/2018, 08:40 SA
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Thousands of high school pupils and university students in Ho Chi Minh City showed off their English language skills during the English Camp 2018 held at Saigon University on March 24.

The English Camp 2018, the third edition of its kind, was organised by the Ho Chi Minh City Students Association under the theme “Ticket for future”.

It comprised numerous activities, including English tests, games, exhibitions, and seminars. Numerous scholarships for English courses were introduced during the event.

According to the organisers, this year, the festival was open for high school pupils and university and college students alike in the city. It aims to encourage them to improve their English proficiency, find an effective method to learn the language and express themselves in a confident manner.

Le Hoang An, a student of the Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology, said he likes English and usually learns it via Youtube and his friends.

The English Camp 2018 is a helpful playing field for English learners, where they can share their learning experience and methods, An said.

The festival also presented opportunities for participants to sign up for online English clubs and find effective English training courses, he added.



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