Expanding National Highway 22
Thứ tư, 27/04/2016, 01:55 SA
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National Highway 22 connects HCMC with Tay Ninh province and Cambodia will be upgraded, expanded under from of PPP (BOT contract)

The Government has recently agreed that HCMC will be a competent authority to call for investment and to implement the project of upgrading, expanding the National Highway 22 in the area of HCMC and Tay Ninh province under form of PPP.

It is the job of HCMC to closely coordinate with Ministry of Transport, Tay Ninh People’s Committee and relevant agencies to carry out the project in accordance with regulations.

The National Highway 22 is 58km long, crossing HCMC and Tay Ninh province; this is a key route to speed up economic growth of Southern key economic zone, to improve capacity of goods transport from Eastern and Southwestern provinces and from HCMC to Tay Ninh province through Moc Bai International Border-gate to Cambodia and ASEAN countries.

According to HCMC People’s Committee, it is very urgent to upgrade and expand the National Highway 22 because traffic congestion happens regularly in this route, especially in rush hours. The main reason for regular traffic congestion is narrow lanes.

In addition, the Ring Road No 3 project (Ben Luc-National Highway 22-Section of National Highway 22-Binh Chuan), the expressway section from HCMC to Moc Bai International Border-gate is under completion, HCMC has started construction of Tay Bac urban area, Ring Road No 2. Therefore, the traffic flow in National Highway 22 will be overloaded.

Regarding to installation of check point, HCMC People’s Committee has been agreed by Ministry of Transport that there will be only one investor of the project of upgrading and expanding National Highway 22. This will avoid installing 2 check points in the 58km route; it is a rule that the minimum distance between two check points is 70km.



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