EVN ensures stable electricity supply for southern hub
Thứ năm, 21/06/2018, 08:35 SA
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HCM City is expected to have a stable electrical supply during the summer, according to the HCM City Power Corporation (EVN HCMC). In April, demand for electricity during peak hours rose to 80.3 million kilowatt hours per day, which is 4.8 percent higher than in April last year.

The maximum output for April was 4,138.5 megawatts, which is 7 percent higher than April last year.

To prepare for the hot season, EVN HCMC has been upgrading the current power system by opening remote operating centres, unmanned substations, and other modern technologies to increase operating ability and ensure that any problems are resolved quickly.

In addition, EVN completed grid maintenance in March, and is now operating the grid carefully to avoid overloading, under a power supply plan approved by the Ministry of Industry and Trade late last year to ensure full coverage.

Accordingly, every month, the Electricity Regulatory Authority of Vietnam works closely with EVN HCMC and other related parties to manage monthly supply plans.

To maintain uninterrupted electricity supply, EVN said that hotline maintenance will be applied to the electrical equipment while it is in use, and highly pressurised hoses will be used to clean ceramic insulators, which will not require electricity to be shut off.

Mobile generators and substations will also be used.

Families and businesses have been urged to save electricity and ease the supply burden for EVN by carefully using electricity.

Businesses have been encouraged to look at their production schedules and minimise electricity consumption during peak hours, as well as invest in energy-efficient machines.

The electricity industry forecasts that national demand for electricity for 2018 can soar up to 650 million kilowatt hours per day, up by around 11.3 percent compared to 2017. The maximum output can rise up to 34,300 megawatts.



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