Equitization must ensure better care of laborers
Thứ tư, 15/07/2015, 14:15 CH
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On June 8, Chairman of HCMC People’s Committee Le Hoang Quan chaired a meeting with departments, agencies and State-owned enterprises on progress of equitization and rearrangement of enterprises in HCMC.

According to a report of HCMC Board of Business Management Innovation, till end of May 31, 2015, HCMC has issued Decisions including 15 out of 21 enterprises handing over assets, values of 5/15 enterprises made public, approval of equitization measure for 3/5 enterprises, organizing initial sales of shares for 1/3 enterprises. Besides, in the total 21 equitized enterprises as plan in 2015, another 7 are added to the list of equitization under the decision on establishment of Steering Board for equitization of HCMC People’s Committee.

Speaking at the meeting, Mr. Le Hoang Quan noted the equitization plan of 100% State owned enterprises is an essentially important mission. The process must ensure the goals of taking a good care of laborers; ensuring effective operations of enterprises after equitized; ensuring employment and taking care of laborer’s living while improving productivity, effectively serving economic development, maintaining social order and making contributions to social development.



Mr. Quan stressed the equitization process must work out solutions to hold State owned capital effectively, of which a focus on developing and enhancing efficiency of business operation is a must. The equitized enterprises must proactively adjust, supplement and stick close on business and trade targets as well as on key sectors of HCMC such as trade and service.



Regarding to restructure of State-owned enterprises, Mr. Quan requested enterprises that are approved for equitization must connect closely with economic structure transferring process of HCMC; working out plans, calculating and connecting with free trade agreements signed by Vietnam to enhance competitiveness in the process of integration; doing research on policies after equitized, determining that equitized enterprises is an import part of HCMC’s economy, avoiding losses or bankruptcy.


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