Ensuring a Happy New Year to every one, every home
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On January 11, HCMC People’s Council and HCMC Television organized a program of “ Listening and sharing” entitled: “ A Happy Tet holidays for every one, every home”

Deputy Director of HCMC Department of  Industry and Trade Le Ngoc Dao said till now total goods value that enterprises are producing, supplying for the 02 months before and after At Mui Lunar New Year 2015 reaches VND 15,850 billion, up 109% (VND 8,267.7 billion) compared to Giap Ngo Lunar New Year 2014, of which VND 8, 300 billion spent on subsidized  goods’ stockpiling , up 69,4% compared to 2014 Tet holidays. During the peak month of At Mui Lunar New Year 2015, from January 20 –February 18, total value of goods prepared for Tet holidays reaches near VND 9,263 billion.

In order to bring goods to consumers’ hands, HCMC Department of Industry and Trade has strengthened distribution system with 3,500 retail outlets and 342 mobile shipments to meet the shopping demands of people. HCMC Department of Industry and Trade ensures enough goods and people do not worry about quality or unstable prices.

Mr. Le Ngoc Dao affirmed that 1 month pre and after the Tet holidays, goods price will be kept unchanged. During Tet holidays, there are many promotion programs for people. People of HCMC do not need to hoard or rush to buy goods. Where there is price fluctuation, HCMC Department of Industry and Trade will supply more goods.

Deputy Head of Management Board of HCMC Export Processing Zone –Industrial Park (Hepza) Pham Huy Thong added that Hepza has urged enterprises, units to support 9,500 bus tickets for workers to return to their hometown for Tet holidays. Hepza together with other unites also gave 3,200 gift packages for workers, in co-operation with Saigon Trading Corp to prepare 40 goods shipments of price stabilization for suburban areas such as exporting processing zones, industrial parks with reasonable prices. Hepza will organize programs to celebrate Tet holidays for workers who can not return home.


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