Enhancing HCMC’s growth quality and economic competitiveness
Thứ ba, 24/05/2016, 08:15 SA
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In 2016, HCMC will continue carrying out effectively solutions and policies of the Central Government, implementing programs on improving growth quality and economic competitiveness of HCMC.

According to HCMC’s report, in order to enhance growth quality, the city will promote application of science and technology, especially application of information technology in all fields from production to distribution; develop science and technology associated with enforcement of intellectual property rights, exploit technology trading floor to promote domestic and international technology transfer to enterprises; develop information infrastructure as well as science and technology statistics. 

Focus on doing research on application of science and technology into development of hi-tech products, developing prioritized technology areas of the city, effectively implement support programs on technology innovation, corporate structuring in the direction of applying new technology to improve productivity, quality and competitiveness of enterprises in HCMC. HCMC will strengthen application of advanced and modern technology into agricultural production; promoting support solutions to increase the proportion of industries with high content of knowledge, environmentally friendly, energy saving to serve rural area development.

Focus on developing scientific and technology potential to ensure sustainable development and global economic integration through establishing and organizing effectively the HCMC Center for Information Research and Analysis to serve real situation analysis and forecasts on socio-economic development orientations; promoting efficiency of centers for technology business incubators in universities, hi-tech parks, hi-tech industrial parks, etc. setting up mechanisms to support universities, research institutes in HCMC to invest facilities, equipment for scientific research and technology development, ordering and assigning these units the job of solving pressing issues as well as training a high quality human resource for HCMC; proactively entering into international science and technology integration.

Regarding to enhancement of competitiveness, in 2016, HCMC strives to be in top 5 of Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI), top 5 of Vietnam Provincial Governance and Public Administration Performance Index (PAPI) and top 5 of Public Administration Reform Index (PAR-Index).




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