District 1 needs effective solutions to promote its important role
Thứ sáu, 14/04/2017, 03:05 SA
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On February 8, a working group of HCMC People’s Committee led by Chairman Nguyen Thanh Phong had a working visit to People’s Committee of District 1 on implementation plan of key tasks in 2017.

According to a report of People’s Committee of District 1, District 1 strives to complete its target of State’s budget revenue of VND 12, 168 billion in 2017; renovating and re-building 30% of degraded and damaged apartment buildings. Regarding to culture-society, District 1 aims to reduce 1, 2% of poor households under new criteria. In terms of national defense and security, the district targets to solve over 70% crime rate, coo dating with functional forces to basically crack down drug trafficking.

Besides, the district will reduce 10% of traffic accidents in terms of number of traffic accidents, number of death, number of the injured; reducing time of traffic congestion below 30 minutes, cracking down illegal vehicles and unlicensed bus stations and illegal racing. Regarding to administration reform, District 1 strives to solve 100% of complaints and denunciations as stipulated, handling 99% of land and house related administrative documents and 100% of other administrative documents, achieving satisfaction rate of 98% of public opinion through electronic survey system.
Speaking at the meeting, Chairman Nguyen Thanh Phong said district 1 needs to promote development of tourism-service sectors or sectors with high added values, to think out of box and to be more dynamic in promoting its role of an economic center, to stimulate resources and establish new businesses, to create favorable conditions for 17, 000 operating businesses and encourage spirit of business startup.


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