Differences in tax data waste time of businesses
Thứ tư, 27/02/2019, 11:31 SA
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Businesses complaint that differences in tax data between them and tax agencies have caused that spending more time on comparison at a conference hosted by the Ho Chi Minh City Taxation Department on October 30.

The conference was organized in the framework of the week of listening to tax payers from October 27 to November 2.

Businesses said that in several cases, enterprises had already paid up their taxes but tax agencies still made announcements that they owed tax money. 

Mr. Nguyen Truong Yen, financial and human resource manager at SCJ TV Shopping Company, proposed tax agencies to make transparent tax payment data between the agencies and tax payers preventing inconveniences for businesses.

Explaining reason for the issue, Deputy Head of the HCMC Taxation Department Tran Thi Le Nga said that their computer system has not fully updated data, yet.

Businesses also complaint about difficulties in enterprise dissolution and regularly occurring errors in the tax declaration software, which has lengthened tax payment time and related documents.

Ms. Nga pledged that the department would repair limitations to satisfy enterprises' requirements. 



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