Development orientation for supporting industry – electronics and IT industry in the period of 2015-2020
Thứ năm, 20/08/2015, 07:10 SA
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On July 15, HCMC Department of Trade and Industry hosted a seminar on project of development orientation of supporting industry, electronics-Information Technology (IT) industries of HCMC in the period of 2015-2020.


According to the project, IT industry, which is serving electronics-IT industries in HCMC, is not quite developed in many aspects such as technology standard, quality and a number of supporting products. Specifically, in term of technology, local enterprises are lacking of equipments to measure precision of ultra-small components. Packaging enterprises for electrical-electronics products do not comply with RoHS (Restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances).
In addition, local companies do not meet all requirements of foreign invested companies in supplying indirect materials (packaging, trolley, etc) such as Inox 304, sophisticated processing and antistatic products or products causing no scratch to workers, etc. Even those who are qualified as suppliers, they can not supply large amount of materials (under 10%, 90% must import) with long life circle.
Facing this situation, the project puts forward some criteria and proposes a list of 6 products (electronics-IT) that are prioritized to be supported including various chips, wafer ( a thin round slice of semiconductor material, electronic circuit, transformer, integrated circuit design, terminal products using semiconductor integrated circuits (groups of products for computer, telecommunications, multimedia electronics as stipulated in Circular No 09/2013/TT-BTTTT on list of software, hardware, electronics).
In order to implement the development orientation of supporting industry-electronics-IT industries, HCMC needs to carry out programs and projects such as establishment of HCMC supporting industry development center; integrated circuit manufacturing factory; designing center; financial support policies, policies of market, technology and human resource development , etc.
The seminar spent much time on listening to opinions of representatives of departments-sectors of HCMC, business associations in fields of electronics-IT industries. The Steering Committee of HCMC supporting industry development said that it will receive opinions and proposals of participants to complete the draft project and submit to HCMC People’s Committee for consideration.

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