Cho Ray – Phnom Penh hospital to be expanded
Thứ tư, 27/02/2019, 11:31 SA
Cỡ chữ Màu chữ image

An estimated 53 million USD will be invested in expanding the Cho Ray – Phnom Penh general hospital in Cambodia, according to the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City.

The hospital, a Vietnam – Cambodia joint venture, will, accordingly have additional 300 patient beds, bringing its total patient beds to 500 when its expansion work finishes by early 2018.

Cho Ray – Phnom Penh general hospital has been operating since January, 2014 following the completion of its 37.8 million USD 200-bed first phase.

It plans to provide further training for its staff and modernise facilities and services to meet the demand for health care in Phnom Penh and neighbouring areas.



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