Chairman of HCMC People’s Committee Le Hoang Quan receives new General Director of Samsung Vietnam
Thứ tư, 27/02/2019, 11:30 SA
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On January 21, Chairman of HCMC People’s Committee Le Hoang Quan received a mission of Samsung Vietnam led by new General Director Han Myoung Sup

At the meeting, Mr. Le Hoang Quan congratulated Mr. Han Myoung Sup as new General Director of Samsung Vietnam, Mr. Quan also thanked former General Director Shim Won Hwang for his excellent job, Mr. Shim Won Hwang will return to Korea for his new job, in his term in HCMC, Mr. Shim Won Hwang has made many significant contributions to Samsung Vietnam.


Since Samsung decided to invest in HCMC, leaders of HCMC has drastically directed to hand over infrastructure in time for Samsung. The city has invested nearly VND 1,500 billion for land clearance, leveling and construction of bridge, road systems connecting HCMC with Samsung factory area in the future.


“Samsung’s factory location is adjacent to expressway system of the Eastern Ring road, it helps  reduce traveling time from HCMC to Samsung factory down to 20 minutes. With this advantage, HCMC hopes Samsung will complete housing for workers around the factory area; investing in training complex, entertainment and offering Korean language training courses at this area:, suggested by Mr. Le Hoang Quan. The chairman expressed his hope the first products of Samsung factory in HCMC will be finished in September 2, 2015 on the occasion of 70th anniversary of National Day of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.


In return, Mr. Han Myoung Sup revealed that Samsung project in HCMC after put into operation will employ 6000 laborers. This is a key factory in the Southeast Asia of Samsung which applies advanced technologies to manufacture TVs, consumer electronics products. During an inspection trip to construction site, Mr. Han Myoung Sup said that leveling of projects is on track. He added Samsung always focuses on welfare policies, training, community in all production  and trading activities. He expressed his hope to receive continuous support of HCMC to ensure the schedule of the project

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