Celebrating the 50th anniversary of Vietnam-Cambodia diplomatic relation
Thứ bảy, 12/08/2017, 07:25 SA
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On June 29, People’s Committee of HCMC organized a ceremony to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Vietnam-Cambodia diplomatic relations (June 24 1967-June 24 2017), Chairman Nguyen Thanh Phong attended the ceremony.

At the ceremony, delegates reviewed the history of traditional relations between both countries. In the last 50 years, people of both countries have united in the struggle against imperialism for national independence and liberation of Cambodian people, fighting against Pol Pot genocide. Together with strong development of both countries in over 50 years, Vietnam-Cambodia bilateral cooperation relation has been brought to new height in a motto: good neighbor, traditional friendship, comprehensive and long lasted cooperation. The achieved results between both countries have been reflected in fields of politics, economy, society, national defense, etc.
Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Phong expressed his sincere sentiment to Cambodian people, saying both sides’ diplomatic relation has been deeply tightened and become a valuable asset left by previous generations. Both countries’ relation has been upgraded to a new height when both countries’ economies continue growing. Bilateral trade of both countries in recent years has reached US$ 3 billion. Vietnam is the 5th largest investors in Cambodia.

Mr. Phong added HCMC is expanding cooperation with localities of Cambodia. A total of 82 projects of Vietnam have been licensed in Cambodia including Cho Ray Hospital (started operation in 2013). He expressed his hope that the long lasted and sustainable relation between Vietnam and Cambodia will be more fruitful in the coming time.
For his part, Mr. Im Heng, Consul General of Cambodia in HCMC stressed that Vietnam and Cambodia have many similarities in the long history full of changes. Both countries have long tradition of solidarity, friendship, both countries live peacefully alongside the Mekong River. He expressed his hope and belief that with common efforts of both countries’ people, the relation of both countries will continue growing for mutual benefits of both sides; for peace, stability and shared prosperity of the region and the world.


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