Canadian cuisine festival 2015 opens in HCMC
Thứ hai, 14/12/2015, 02:50 SA
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In the evening of November 10, Canadian Cuisine Festival 2015 (Canada 2015) was opened in HCMC.

Canadian beef, pork as well as a wide range of Canadian seafood including lobster, geoduck, oysters, black cod, snow crab, salmon, mussels, and sea urchin; Canadian wines and beer, maple syrup, Ambrosia apples, frozen cherries and dried fruits were featured. All these foods were presented by famous Canadian Chef Nathan Fong and Chef of Le Meridien Saigon Frederic Mayanrd. The focal point of the festival was perfect pork and beef products from Alberta, Canada.

The festival is an annual event organized by Canadian Embassy to Vietnam to promote the best Canadian food products to Vietnamese consumers. Canadian Ambassador to Vietnam David Devine committed to bring the Canada’s world-known products and the safest food to Vietnamese consumers.

According to Mr. David Devine, the new trade exchange opportunities in fields of agriculture and fishery from Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) will help Vietnam and Canada make use of new opportunities brought from free trade.



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