Can Gio District recognized as new rural area
Thứ tư, 27/02/2019, 11:29 SA
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Can Gio is the only coastal district of HCMC, located in the Southeast, 50km away from the center of HCMC. It has a natural area of over 70,400 hectares with mangrove forest covering 33,000 hectares. As a low-lying terrain, saline soil and salinity account for 56, 7% of its area, so Can Gio is not suitable for agricultural development but fit for development of tourism and aquaculture, these are two key economic sectors of Can Gio District.

Implementation of National Target Program on Construction of new rural areas, Ly Son commune (Can Gio District) was chosen as a pilot commune for construction of new rural commune in 2010-2012, the work has been done in other 5 communes (except Can Thanh town) in 2013-2015. All communes have completed their construction planning of new rural areas as a foundation for investment in construction of socio-economic infrastructure, production development, improvement of incomes for local people. From beginning, Can Gio District started with uncompleted infrastructures, degraded transport and road systems while irrigation system failed to meet production demands, other facilities like schools, cultural centers, etc, are below standard, advantages of soil, natural resources and ecological environment are not invested effectively, average income of VND15 million/year, much lower than the average level of HCMC.

After 5 years, Can Gio has invested 382 infrastructure projects (transport, irrigation, school, cultural and health facilities, markets); putting into operation of 177 socio-economic infrastructures including 3 planned projects, 92 transport projects, 29 irrigation projects and 1 power project, 26 cultural projects, 26 educational and health facilities. Till now, basic infrastructures have been invested and completed.

As direct beneficiaries, local people are unanimous with policies of new rural area development, many participated into the process with many movements and models such as devotion of their land for construction of socio-economic infrastructures, restructuring agriculture, applying technical sciences into production, improving productivity and income, participating in construction of cultural lives in residential areas. Can Gio has mobilized 8000 working days, 1,300 households devoting 28, 1 ha of lands, equivalent to VND48 billion.

After 5 years, the face of Can Gio district has dramatically changed; quality of lives is much improved.  This is a motivation for Can Gio to speed up the process of construction of new style rural area. The status of new style rural area of Can Gio District has been sent to the Central Steering Board for consideration.



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