Building HCMC into a city of learning
Thứ năm, 04/05/2017, 07:55 SA
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On the morning of March 28, Deputy Secretary of HCMC Party Committee Tat Thanh Cang chaired a meeting with Standing Committee of HCMC Study Encouragement Society on implementation results of Directive No 04-CT/TU of HCMC Party Committee to strengthen leadership of the Party on study encouragement and construct a study society.

The city has so far established 4, 341 study encouragement sub-associations, including 2,000 ward-level sub-associations with over 800, 000 members; 320/322 wards, towns and communes establish centers for community studies with 480, 000 frequent participants in studying culture, living skills, social interaction and vocational training. In 2016, study encouragement associations at all levels have mobilized VND 77 billion for study encouragement fund taking care of poor students, fond of learning students and those on risk of dropping out. Many creative models of encouraging study or building study society have been promoted such as learning families, learning community, learning unit, etc.

Speaking at the meeting, Deputy Secretary Tat Thanh Cang highly appreciated the spirit of responsibility of the Standing Committee of HCMC Study Encouragement Society for promoting society learning; improving people’s intellectual standards to serve the city’s development goals. He suggested HCMC Study Encouragement Society to quickly complete a scientific project entitled: “Building a model of a city of learning” to get approval from the review council and to implement the city’s goals of becoming a city of learning in the near future.


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