Building HCMC a modern-civilized-sentimental one
Chủ nhật, 15/11/2015, 08:15 SA
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Addressing at the 10th HCMC Congress Party (2015-2020), General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong congratulated and praised great achievements of the Party and People of HCMC in the last 5 years.

Mr. Nguyen Phu Trong pointed out limitations and shortcomings; he suggested discussing and analyzing carefully the causes and responsibility to come up with efficient solutions.

Mr. Trong was absolutely together on the socio-economic targets worked out by the Party and People of HCMC in the next five years, he suggested that HCMC need to raise their awareness of its role, position – a special city and a big economic-cultural-education-training-scientific-technology center of the whole country, saying that HCMC is a driving force for development in Southern key economic zone. He requested that HCMC has to uphold its achievements in the last 5 years and to learn from practical experience after 30 years of innovation. The city must continue to be creative, dynamic and to minimize defects, overcome difficulties to further develop with higher quality and speed as of the average growth rate of the whole country.

Mr. Trong added HCMC needs to mobilize all resources and to efficiently exploit its potential and advantages to make a breakthrough of growth and economic restructuring, focusing on renewing growth model, internal structure, developing services or sectors with high added value, boosting high-tech industries, supporting industries. In addition, HCMC must create a healthy competitive environment for all economic components to develop, linking and co-operating effectively with cities and provinces in Southern key economic zone, upholding its role as a socialist oriented market economy, creating synchronously a variety of markets in the process of industrialization and modernization.

He stressed that HCMC need to do a better job in planning, working out solutions strong enough to mobilize all resources (domestically and internationally); building a synchronous urban infrastructure system, especially transport infrastructure, resolving traffic congestion, flooding; connecting its infrastructure with cities and provinces in the region; strengthening management and environmental protection; adapting and limiting impacts of climate change or sea level rise; reorganizing residential lives, building satellite urban areas in the direction of civilization and modernization.




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