Building 3 bus stations under PPP
Chủ nhật, 11/09/2016, 03:30 SA
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(HCM CityWeb) – HCMC People’s Committee has approved the proposal of Department of Planning and Investment on studying the project of building 3 bus stations (Cho Lon, Tan Phu, District 8) under form of Private-Public Partnership (PPP).

To make it fair, competitive and able to select qualified and experienced investors bringing highest benefits, HCMC People’s Committee has assigned Tram Anh Manufacturing Industry and Trade Company and Phuoc Hoa Investment Construction Corporation the task of self-balancing the costs of studying and setting up the proposal of building 3 bus stations (Cho Lon, Tan Phu, District 8) under form of PPP in the period of 2 months. The proposal must ensure minimum expenditure of the city’s budget.

In case of being unapproved or failed to meet the deadline of two months, or failed to find the investors for the project, it means one of the above companies refuses to participate into the project and to bear all expenses. The city will choose other units.

Department of Planning and Investment, Department of Transportation will work out criteria; evaluate proposals of the most feasible investors or the best financial policies. These two units will work with HCMC People’s Committee to proceed the next steps.


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