Better policy needed to draw investment in hi-tech agriculture
Chủ nhật, 14/09/2014, 09:30 SA
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Better policies are essential for persuading businesses to invest in hi-tech agriculture, heard a workshop in Ho Chi Minh City on August 13.

Experts said localities should develop public-private development cooperation projects in the field and encourage enterprises to participate in them.

Attention should also be paid to enhancing farmers’ capacity to apply hi-tech agriculture as they are the target of technology transfer.

In addition to the current 88.17 ha hi-tech agriculture zone which specialises in cultivation, the city plans to zone off a 200 ha area in Cu Chi district for developing hi-tech cultivation, ornamental fish breeding and aquatic plants, while 90ha in Can Gio district will be designated for aquaculture.

Meanwhile, a hi-tech centre focusing on animal breeding will be set up in Binh Chanh district, according to the municipal management board of hi-tech agriculture park.

Vietnam is now home to 29 hi-tech agriculture parks in 12 out of the 63 provinces and cities. The parks have formed development models such as safe vegetable production and flower and ornamental plant growing in Ho Chi Minh City, Bac Ninh and Lam Dong and mushroom production in Vinh Phuc province.

The country has a strong history of agriculture, with 70 percent of the population live on farming.



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