Amcham Vietnam’s Blood Donor Day 2016
Chủ nhật, 11/09/2016, 02:40 SA
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(HCM CityWeb) – On the occasion of “World Blood Donor Day”, American Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam (Amcham Vietnam) organized the Blood Donation from 12-20 July 2016.

The program was taken place in 6 locations including Oriflame Vietnam (July 12), Coca-Cola Beverages Vietnam (July 13), Nike Office (July 14), Victoria Healthcare (July 15), Hoa Sen University (July 16), Datalogic Vietnam (20 July). Blood Donor Day at Nike office attracted 181 volunteers donating 228 blood units (equivalent to 57,000 ml blood).

“World Blood Donor Day” has been launched by World Health Organization globally to enhance awareness of community on safe blood supplies and to honor voluntary blood donors. 2016 is the 13th year of World Blood Donor Day in the world. The theme of World Blood Donor Day 2016) is “Blood connects us all”, this year’s program would like to send its deep and sincere thanks to voluntary blood donors and those who connect blood donors and receivers. Doing this would encourage voluntary blood donation, especially youth people and those who never participate before. 2016 is also the 6th year Amcham Vietnam organized this significant activity. In this year, Amcham Vietnam has successfully encouraged leaders, employees and mass students from 70 companies and universities to participate.


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