All foreign businesses in HCMC resume work
Thứ hai, 23/06/2014, 14:35 CH
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All foreign companies in Ho Chi Minh City have resumed work and workers are scrambling to make up the production shortfall caused by the closure following anti-China protests, Tran Cong Khanh, Trade Union chairman for Ho Chi Minh City’s industrial and export processing zones said May 20.


The Trade Union has explained to workers about China’s illegal placing of oil drilling rig HD981 in Vietnam’s territorial waters to prevent them from being exploited or incited.

It has also encouraged workers to return to work soon and share the difficulties faced by violence-hit companies – like accepting salary cuts, for instance.

Saigon Giai Phong  confirms  that all businesses that closed to escape the violence have opened again.

FreeTrend Company based in the Linh Trung 1 Export Processing Zone has resumed work after closing on May 14 and 15, a worker said.

Hugo, Kolun, Domex, and Danu Companies based in the same zone, which had been damaged by rioters, have also resumed operations.

Green Star, Kim Hong, FreeTrend A, Shap VN, and New Toyo in Linh Trung 2 Export Processing Zone, Paiho Company in Tan Tao IZ, and NTex VN in Tay Bac Cu Chi IZ too have started working again.

Pouyen Vietnam, the largest employer in HCMC, has resumed operations, Cu Phat Nghiep, chairman of the Trade Union at the company, said.

All 300-odd businesses at the Tan Thuan EPZ are functioning normally. Several have to do night shifts to meet their orders.

Go Vap District authorities have ensured security for foreign companies, Vo Ngoc Quoc Thuan, its people’s committee chairman, said.

The district has 17 Taiwanese companies with 17,000 workers.

(Source: SGGP)

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