Action month for children 2018 kicks off
Thứ năm, 28/06/2018, 02:05 SA
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HCMC People’s Committee has built a plan to organize the Action Month for children 2018 taken place in the city from May to December. The program has kicked off from May 25 to June 30 themed “For a safe and healthy life of children in digital world”.

Accordingly, the city will carry out many acitivies including camping festival “Giving wings to dream” for children with special difficult situations in 2018; forum themed “listen to the voice of children”; seminars/talks on imporving capability and skills for leaders of setors, organizations, families and individuals on protecing and taking care of children in digital word; cooperating with internaitonal organs like UNICEF, UN Women, ILO, SCI, etc. to build models of providing and connecting services for children; carrying out other communication activities in resposne the action month.



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