A get-together with Vietnamese overseas in Mau Tuat Lunar New Year 2018
Thứ tư, 28/03/2018, 07:45 SA
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In the evening of February 6, HCMC organized a program themed: “get-together with Vietnamese overseas in Mau Tuat Lunar New Year 2018”. The program attracted participation of 600 Vietnamese overseas from 25 countries and territories around the world.

Speaking at the opening speech, Chairman of HCMC People’s Committee Nguyen Thanh Phong, on behalf of the City’s Party Commmittee, authorities and people, welcomed more than 600 Vietnamese overseas around the world to return home to attend the “get-together with Vietnaemse overseas in Mau Tuat Lunar New Year 2018”.



Mr. Phong emphasized that the get-together is a significant gift presenting the special attention of the city’s Party Committee and authorities to Vietnamese overseas when they return home for Tet holidays. This is an occasion for Vietnamese overseas to enjoy the new vitality and development of Vietnam in such a dynamic city like HCMC in the context of global integration.  



“Vietnamese overseas is an integral part and an important resource of Vietnamese people. This has been making important contributions to the victory of the city’s socio-economic development tasks in 2017”, affirmed by Mr. Phong.


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