90-year old market in Ho Chi Minh City reopens
Thứ năm, 20/12/2018, 08:55 SA
Cỡ chữ Màu chữ image

The 90-year-old Binh Tay market, one of the beautiful architecture works in HCM City, re-opened on November 15 after nearly two years of closure for restoration. The reopening of the market will not only boost trade in the industrial hub but also attract tourists to this unique cultural and historical relic site.

Built in 1928, Binh Tay market was the largest and the most modern market in southern Vietnam at that time.

Over the past 90 years, Binh Tay served as a wholesale market, sending commodities to all localities in Vietnam and to Cambodia and many other countries.

Binh Tay market is a new tourism product as it now serves as a venue for trading, sightseeing and experiencing local culture.



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