9,205 price stabilization sale points in HCMC
Thứ sáu, 16/10/2015, 08:45 SA
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(HCM CITYWEB)- The number of price stabilization sale points of 4 price stabilization programs of HCMC has so far seen an increase of 8,957 points compared to that of 2008 and 238 points compared to that of April 1 2014 when the program got started.

About 917 out of 9,205 price stabilization points are located in outlying districts including 21 supermarkets, 106 convenience shops, 83 points in traditional markets and 107 selling points in residential areas. Accumulated turnover of the price stabilization program of food and foodstuff has so far reached VND 3,505 billion, up 8,8% compared to the same period, the school year season program reached VND 265,6 billion, up 22,1% compared to the same period, the dairy program reached VND 333,1 billion, up 14,5% compared to the same period.

According to HCMC People’s Committee, the price stabilization program has been expanded in scale and amount of goods allocated to enterprises. In 2015, a total number of 85 enterprises participated into the program, up 9 enterprises compared to 2014. 11 banks registered for the program with credit limit of VND 11,850 billion, up 42, 7% compared to 2014. Till July 31 2015, 17 enterprises are granted credit limit of VND 1,455 billion, of whom 4 have disbursed VND 731, 6 billion.



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