40th anniversary of HCMC University of Architecture
Thứ năm, 15/12/2016, 01:55 SA
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On October 26, HCMC University of Architecture celebrated the 40th anniversary of establishment (1976 – 2016) and honored with First Class Labor Medal. Attending the celebration ceremony include Minister of Construction Pham Hong Ha, Chairman of HCMC People’s Committee Nguyen Thanh Phong, etc.

At the ceremony, PhD. Architect Le Van Thuong – Headmaster of HCMC University of Architecture reviewed the process of establishment and development of the university.

History of the university and achieved results
With a history of 90 years of training architects, 65 years of Saigon Architecture and 40 years of being named HCMC University of Architecture, the University has trained many generations of architects, construction engineers, Bachelors of art, etc. Many architectural projects bearing individual stamps of lecturers, former students of the University have become prides of teachers and students of the university.

In the last 40 years, the university has trained over 1,100 technical personnel with Bachelor and PhD degrees; 35,000 architects, engineers, etc. Most of students were employed after graduated.

The number of teachers and staff of the university have been continuously increased in both quantity and quality, meeting the demand of teaching and studying in the trend of global integration. The number of teachers with Bachelor and PhD degrees accounts for over 90% with good English skills.

Scientific research is significantly developed with many highly creative topics. Students have been very eager to participate into scientific research activities and won many prestigious awards domestically and internationally including Loa Thanh award, Eureka, Holcim, Archiprix International …
The university has entered into international cooperation in education and training, scientific research activities with other universities in Australia, Belgium, Thailand, Denmark, France, etc. In addition, the school has signed cooperation deals with many universities, academies and international organizations on vocational education to create a breakthrough and prestige in the region.

The university has established another 5 facilities in accordance with international standards to better serve demands of teaching and studying. Besides, the university also focuses on improving the material and spiritual livings of teachers and staff.
PhD Architect Le Van Thuong on behalf of the university expressed his respect and thanks to leaders, teachers and staff for their contributions to the strong development of the university.
“The next generations will continue to preserve and to bring into play achieved results, joining hands to make HCMC University of Architecture further develop”, Mr. Thuong said

Building University of Architecture a modern – high quality – prestigious training center
Minister of Construction Pham Hong Ha warmly congratulated leaders of the university, teachers and students on this special occasion. Mr. Ha said the university has maintained a comprehensive development in both scale and training quality, affirming it as a prestigious and high quality training center of Ministry of Construction in the South in areas of architecture, planning, construction, urban management, technical infrastructure, industrial fine-arts, etc. making contributions to the improvement of human resource for the process of modernization and industrialization.

Mr. Ha expressed his hope that teachers of the university continue to devote their efforts, knowledge and talent to the school’s development, doing a good job in implementing the Resolution of the Central Committee of the Communist Party on comprehensive innovation of education-training. Mr. Ha added the school should take practical conditions, social demand and student as its core factor to work out operation orientation in the coming time, making the school a modern – prestigious one with high quality.

On this occasion, HCMC University of Architecture was honored with Third Labor Medal awarded by President of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in recognition of its great contributions to the process of national construction and defense. A total 37 individuals of the school were awarded Certificate of Merits for their excellent performances in 2015-2016.


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