40th anniversary of District 1
Thứ năm, 15/12/2016, 02:15 SA
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On October 29, District 1 celebrated its 40 years of establishment (5/1976-5/2016). 40 years ago, in March 1976, District 1 was established on the basis of merging 2 districts. Today, the administrative boundary and area of District 1 still remain the same. After Southern liberation day, the country entered a process of recovery and development.

After 40 years of innovation, District 1 has made positive changes with economic growth on the right track, synchronous infrastructure development, strongly administrative reform and application of IT into handling dossiers and administrative procedures. District 1 has trained a highly skilled staff that devoted their ceaseless efforts to take care of people’s lives. The district was honored with The Second and The Third class labor medals. District 1 has always exceeded its budget revenue plan with VND 8,160 billion in 2015 and VND 9000 billion in the first nine months of 2016.

In addition, living standard of local people has been much improved with higher income. Till now, 7/10 wards meet urban civilization criteria. District 1 has effectively carried out health care and disease prevention. The Party and the whole political system of District 1 have been making efforts in reducing poverty, ensuring social security. Till 2015, District 1 has completed its plan on poverty reduction with average income of over VND 16 million/person/year.

At the ceremony, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Phong, Chairman of HCMC People’s Committee said: “With a history of over 300 years of establishment and development, District 1 has quickly affirmed its position as one of the urban centers of the city with the strongest urbanization process in the South”. Mr. Phong suggested that District 1 will continue to bring into play and to play the role of a pioneer in contributing to the development of HCMC, making it a modern and civilized city to be deserved with the role of multi-faceted center of the whole country and the region. Besides, District 1 needs to focus on developing services, trade and especially high class services, ensuring budget revenue to invest in urban infrastructure attached with improvement of local people’s living quality.


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