242nd anniversary of Independence Day of USA
Thứ hai, 16/07/2018, 07:05 SA
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In the evening of June 14, Consulate General of the United States of America in HCMC hosted a reception on the occasion of 242nd Anniversary of Independence Day of the United States of America (July 4 1776-July 4 2018). Permanent Deputy Chairman of HCMC People’s Commiteee Le Thanh Liem, US Ambassador to Vietnam Daniel Kritenbrink and US Consul General in HCMC Mary Tarnowka attended th reception.

On his congratualtion speech, Mr. Liem expressed his best wishes to US Ambassador and Consul General, US people living and owrking in HCMC.

Mr. Liem said: “US-Vietnam relations have strongly developed since both countries established the strategic partnership, HCMC have made important contributions to the US-Vietnam comprehensive cooperation relations through effective coopeation activities with the US.

In term of trade, USA continues to be the largest export market and the fourth largest import market of HCMC. US now ranks 10th out of countries investing in Vietnam with 399 projects worth US$1.2 billion.

Mr. Liem also expressed his belief that US-Vietnam comprehensive strategic partnership, including US-HCMC will keep growing in the future. On behalf of the city’s leaders, Mr. Liem wishes USA and its people happiness and prosperity and a more developed comprehensive strategic partnership between both countries.

For his part, US Ambassador Daniel Kritenbrink said US Embassy and Consulate General have made continuous efforts in promoting bilateral relations of both countries. He expressed his belieft that Vietnam-US trade and investment relations will keep growing, even security cooperation. Cultural and educational cooperation have been strengthened contributing to the wide and deep development & cooperation relations in many fields.



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