236 overseas Vietnamese repatriates to HCMC in 2015
Thứ tư, 27/02/2019, 11:29 SA
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On December 9, Committee for Overseas Vietnamese Affairs of HCMC organized a conference on sharing experience on Overseas Vietnamese affairs.

Mr. Vo Thanh Chat, Vice Chairman of HCMC’s Committee for Overseas Vietnamese Affairs said from beginning of 2015 till now, the Committee co-ordinated with functional organs receive 100,000 overseas Vietnamese return to their homes and to join Tet holiday 2015 and the 40th anniversary of Southern liberation and national reunification. The committee has received 1,800 overseas Vietnamese and relatives to study policies, trade and investment, labor, residence, inheritance, nationality related laws; laws on bringing assets to their homes when repatriating to Vietnam as well as other services. In 2015, a number of expatriates enter Tan Son Nhat International Airport reaches 350,000; 400,000 cases of migration, 236 cases of repatriation (permanent residence). 

In 2015, HCMC’s Committee for Overseas Vietnamese Affairs has regularly organized information propaganda programs on policies and guidelines, laws of the Party and the State, achievements of renovation process of Vietnam and HCMC, updating over 1,200 news and articles on the website of HCMC’s Committee for Overseas Vietnamese Affairs.   

Mr. Chat added over 500 entrepreneurs and 300 intellectuals in HCMC are overseas Vietnamese. HCMC’s Committee for Overseas Vietnamese Affairs has strengthened information propaganda activities on policies, guidelines and laws of the Party, the State to the overseas Vietnamese community; paying visits to entrepreneurs, intellectual overseas Vietnamese and enterprises; co-coordinating with functional organs to regularly organize meetings with overseas Vietnamese; exchanging, explaining and proposing leaders of HCMC to timely remove difficulties for overseas Vietnamese to invest and expand their business and production activities as well as to bring Vietnamese products to international markets.

Colonel Nguyen Van Anh, Office Manager of Immigration Department-HCMC Department of Public Security, said overseas Vietnamese can repatriate to Vietnam under 02 forms: using international passports in accordance to Joint Circular No 05/2009/TTLiryT-BCA-BNG or using Vietnamese passports under residence law. According to Mr. Anh, a number of expatriates returning Vietnam under form 1 keep declining with only 236 cases in 2015, down 148 cases compared to 2014 and down 50% compared to 2013 due to complicated procedures and it also takes a lot of time. While a number of expatriates returning homes under form 2 increases with 5000-7000 cases in the recent 2 years because it does not take much times with simple procedures.

Expatriates who registered for household residence books or granted IDs can only use Vietnamese passports when do immigration procedures in Vietnam, they cannot use foreign passports. Repatriation and application for Vietnamese nationality do not have any effect on documents, nationality or foreign passports.



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