20 million Vietnamese students embark on new academic year
Thứ năm, 05/10/2017, 07:10 SA
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Close to 20 million pupils and students took part in ceremonies held at schools at all levels across Vietnam on September 5 to ring in the 2017 – 2018 academic year.

September 5 was designated to become the first day of an academic year for the entire nation in 2015.

This year, the Ministry of Education and Training recommended schools’ welcome events to be short, formal and meaningful without long speeches.

A typical event of this type entails flag salute, national anthem singing, reading of the President’s congratulation letter to students, the school master’s announcement and beating of the school drum to mark the official start of the new school year. The ceremony is followed by musical performances, games or sport events with the involvement of all students.

The ministry said priorities of this academic year include the improvement of teaching quality, particularly in offering lessons on soft skills, and addressing problems related to extra-hour teaching activities.


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