18 units commit to complete criteria of rural development
Thứ ba, 12/06/2018, 07:10 SA
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On Nov 20, HCMC People’s Committee held Conference on Rural Development in HCMC with 19 departments and agencies singing commitment with 5 districts to complete the criteria of new rural development. The conference was chaired by Standing Vice Chairman of HCMC People’s Committee.

According to a report of the Steering Board of HCMC Party Committee on New Rural Development Program, in the period of 2016-2018, the growth rate of agriculture-forestry-fishery in 2017 of districts and communes enjoyed was fairly high with GRDP of VND 8, 539 billion, up 6,2% as of the same period (5,4% in 2016), equal to 5,8-6% of the objective of the Resolution of the City Party Congress. GRDP of the city’s agriculture-forestry-fishery in the first 9 months of 2018 reached VND 6, 112 billion, up 6,2% as of 2017.

It is estimated at VND 9, 068.4 bilion, up 6,2% as of 2017. Till end of 2017, the annual average agricultural production value was estimated at VND 450 million, up 1,09 times as of 2016 (VND410 million/ha/year) and up 2,85 times as of 2010 (VND 158 million/ha/year). Labor productivity in 2008 stayed at VND 29.4 million/person/year, VND 64.7 million and 84.9 million/person/year in 2014 and 2017 respectively.

The income of local people in rural areas keeps increasing with better living quality. Till end of 2017, the income of people in rural areas reached VND 49.18 million/person/year. It is estimated that their income will rise VND 54.7 million/person/year in 2018. Today, HCMC has a total of 9, 398/352, 920 poor households, accounting for 2,5% of total households in 5 districts. The city has no poor household under national poverty criteria. In 2016-2018, HCMC has mobilized a total of VND 13, 089 billion to implement the new rural development program.

By end of 2019, the city strives to achieve 18/19 criteria of new rural development. In 2018, 2/56 communes achieve 19 criteria and 34/56 communes achieve from 15 to 18 criteria. It is a target of HCMC to get 36/56 communes achieving 19 criteria and 20 communes achieving from 15 to 18 criteria. By 2020, 56/56 communes will achieve 19 criteria. At district level, 1/5 districts achieve 9/9 criteria and 5/5 districts achieve 9/9 criteria.

To achieve the above target, 18 departments and agencies together with People’s Committees of 5 Districts in HCMC to coordinate to complete 19 criteria of new rural development as well as the the scheme on imporving criteria of new rural development in 2016-2020.


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