146 poor students in HCMC receive Nguyen Huu Tho scholarships
Thứ hai, 25/09/2017, 07:10 SA
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The Vietnam Fatherland Front's Committee in Ho Chi Minh City yesterday organized a meeting to honor those students who have overcome dificulties to achieve success in study and presented scholarships to them.

The scholarships is named after Nguyen Huu Tho who was a lawyer and the first President of the National Liberation Front for South Vietnam.

146 students of all grade levels coming from poor families, near-poor families, orphans and disabled students were presented with the scholarships.

Each primary student was given VND1 million ($43.9), junior high school students each received VND1.2 million, each student enrolling 3 year programs at colleges or vocational schools received VND1.5 million and each student studying four year program at universities was granted VND2 million.

In addition to cash, students were offered bicycles and free bus tickets.

The scholarship is a part of the activities for the poor launched by the committee since 2000. So far, the committee and the steering board for the poor have given 234,052 scholarships worth VND89.5 billion and 3,351 bicycles worth VND3 billion to students.

Steering boards for the poor in districts have also offered 179,752 scholarships worth nearly VND156.1 billion and 6,219 bicycles worth VND6.2 billion to disadvantaged students.


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