02 concentrated specialized checkpoints launched
Thứ ba, 16/02/2016, 10:10 SA
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On January 14, HCMC Department of Customs has held opening ceremony of 02 special specialized checkpoints at Cat Lai port.

Accordingly, the 02 checkpoints will be a concentrated workplace for specialized inspection units, goods under specialized check will be arranged at the two checkpoints to make it favorable for testing samples. Related agencies (customs, port authorities, enterprises) will build coordination mechanisms to manage goods under specialized check at border gate.

Assessing the benefits of concentrated specialized checkpoints, HCMC Department of Customs said it will help reduce 2 working days of customs clearance, ensure compliance of specialized check, sample testing and earnest results. These two checkpoints will help reduce fees of customs clearance due to reduced storage time.

In the coming time, HCMC Department of Customs will evaluate operation effectiveness of these two checkpoints to set up detailed plans on prioritized list of goods and enterprises, reduction of time, management measures, proposal for amendments and supplements of legal documents on specialized check.

Deputy Head of HCMC Department of Customs Dinh Ngoc Thang said there are now total 6 specialized checking units at Cat Lai port including HCMC Institute of Public Health, Quality Assurance and Testing Center 3, Vinacontrol, Region 6 Animal Health Center, Region 2 Plant Quarantine Center and Center for Appraisal of Livestock Breeds and Feed Quality Testing.

Most of these units have arranged a workforce and fully equipped with necessary tools and equipment, establishing online portals connected among customs departments and specialized checking units, port authorities and exporters to apply electronic customs procedures in returning results of specialized checks, to share information to reduce time of customs clearance, to announce list of goods being sampled and cleared at border gates.




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