“Trade and Investment Promotion” seminar in HCMC
Thứ sáu, 28/10/2016, 08:10 SA
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On the morning of September 7, Investment & Trade Promotion Center of HCMC (ITPC) coordinated with Japanese City of Osaka and other units to organize “Trade & Investment Promotion” seminar in HCMC.

The seminar aims to strengthen economic and development cooperation relations between HCMC and business partner cities (BPC), to introduce business and investment preferential policies in HCMC.

HCMC is a driving force of economic development of the whole country and an ideal destination for foreign investors. The proof is that the city has attracted 6,268 foreign invested projects (valid) worth US$ 40, 8 billion since 1998.

In term of business partners, Singapore ranks first with total investment capital of US$ 9,5 billion followed by Malaysia of US$ 4,94 billion, British Virgin Islands with US$ 4,3 billion, Korea with US$ 4,3 and Hong Kong with US$ 2,9 billion.

Real estate attracts most of foreign investors in the city, following by processing industry, education-training, retail, automobile and motorbike repair, information-communication, science-technology, construction, transportation, health care, catering, etc.

Currently, HCMC is focusing on 9 groups of prioritized sectors: finance-credit-banking-insurance, trade, transportation-warehouse, port service-logistics & export-import, post-telecommunication & information technology-communication, asset trading-real estate, consultancy services, science-technology, tourism, health, education-training. Besides, the city has issued development polices for 4 groups of industries with high-tech contents (engineering, electronic-IT, chemical-rubber, food processing), biotech, clean technology, energy saving, fashion-footwear, design.

HCMC’s authority is very positive in supporting domestic and foreign enterprises through meetings, dialogues to timely solve any difficulty for them, proving them with information about policies as well as economic development situation of HCMC.


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