“The Beauty of Vietnam” project – promote an honor the essence of Vietnam culture
Thứ hai, 15/06/2015, 15:20 CH
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The UNESCO Centre for Culture and Education (UNESCO - CEP) launched a long term project titled “The Beauty of Vietnam” with a vision to preserve and promote the essence of Vietnamese culture, to evoke national pride of Vietnamese people, to promote national identities, traditional culture to the world.

The project includes three major programs titled ‘Dang Viet’ (Figure of Vietnam), ‘Duyen Viet’ (Charm of Vietnam) and ‘Net Viet’ (Features of Vietnam), the project aims to create a new face of tourism promotional activities and to honor the beauty of Vietnam.

The ‘Dang Viet’ program displays Ao Dai collections to promote the fine beauty of the country’s traditional long gown. The programs opens for free at HCMC Opera House on every Saturday morning.

 “‘Net Viet” program displays the beauty of 54 ethnic groups living nationwide through photo collections on Vietnamese traditional costumes. Outfits displayed in the collection came from 70 Vietnamese famous models and artists (Que Tran, Ho Ngoc Ha, My Uyen, Van Trang, Le Ba La, etc). Photo collection will be exhibited at schools in HCMC. Accompanied with the exhibition is a series of performances such as songs and traditional dances from famous artists. It aims to evoke interest of students in understanding ethnic cultures. The program is expected to start at the end of 2015.

While “Duyen Viet” comprises of a series of songs, musical play to introduce cultural beauties of 54 ethnic groups in Vietnam. The audience will have an opportunity to understand traditional costumes, customs and cultural life of ethnic groups through love stories. The program will be held weekly at luxurious hotels – a destination of international visitors.

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