“Safe-nice-civilized-sentimental” quarter & hamlet festival
Chủ nhật, 08/11/2015, 02:45 SA
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On October 4, HCMC Youth Union organized the second “safe-nice-civilized-sentimental quarter and hamlet festival 2015.

The festival is divided into 2 levels including grassroots and city levels. At the grassroots level, “the youth festival of the quarter, my hamlet” will be organized at 174 quarters, hamlets with activities including inauguration of 10 “civilized-clean-safe” alleys at 10 districts; propagandizing and education law, training electric safety, fire fighting and prevention skills; encouraging youths to participate into “all people protect national security”  movement through specific actions; spring cleaning where they live; planting trees; saying no to encroachment of public place, sidewalk and illegal construction; organizing forums for youths, unionists and local people to exchange about polite, civilized manner; propagandizing thrifty practice, avoiding waste of money on wedding parties, funerals, daily consumption; responding the campaign of “Vietnamese give priority to using Vietnamese products”.

At the city level, some activities will be hosted including exhibition of images of “safe-clean-civilized-sentimental” quarters and hamlets at the Youth House from 4-11 October 2015; talk on solutions on effective implementation of the movement of construction of “safe-clean-civilized-sentimental” quarters and hamlets; praising 48 youth union branches of typical quarters and hamlets. 




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